Word Paintings 2

Beauty Is Embarrassing  


Honest Artists  

I Love The Whole Fuckin World  

Cornmeal Gasoline Pork Grease Sweat Burlap Motor Oil

Cornmeal Sweat Gasoline Pork Grease Motor Oil Burlap

Goodlookin People Havin Fun Without You

Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve

I Feel 37 Miles To Earth 100 Years  Ago

Hid It In The Woods  

Drop The Country Boy Act  

You're Boring The Shit Outta Me  

Hid It In The Woods  

Dude Starts Freakin'  


I'm Dreaming  

Dude Starts Freakin'  

One Of 'Em Looked Like A Movie Star  

That Shit Was Deep  

Tennessee Cavewater